Urdu language support now part of Google’s speech recognition


KARACHI: Language barriers prove to be one of the biggest hurdles in technological advancement these days. .

Earlier this year, Google  launched a set of new products and features that help language users and better serve the needs of a billion users who are coming online.

This feature was already available for Hindi. Now, Google is taking the next step by bringing voice input to additional eight Indic languages, including Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Starting today, speakers of these languages will be able to use their voice to dictate – both in Gboard on Android as well as in Search through the Google App.

With this update, searching for stuff on your phone in these eight languages will get easier and faster. Now you can just talk to your phone to search for something and don’t need to fiddle with a tiny keyboard.

If you want to search for fast food restaurants while driving in Lahore, all you have to do is speak out ‘fast food restaurants nearby’ and Google will display the results of the nearest or the best fast food restaurants in the area.

To search with your voice in one of the eight Indic languages, open the Google app and pick your language in the Voice settings menu (tap the top-left menu and go to Settings, then pick Voice and select your language).