Saudi coalition ToRs allow Pakistan to decide the colour of military uniforms



After the defence ministers of the countries that are part of the Saudi-led Islamic military alliance finally unveiled the coalition’s broader mandate, the final declaration issued on Sunday confirmed that it would be up to the member states to decide the colour of their uniforms.

Negating misconceptions that Riyadh would be dictating the alliance, the terms of reference (TORs), finalised at a meeting of defence ministers of the member countries forming the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC), also confirmed that the participants would also have a say in the menu for the troops.

“Pakistan has dibs on dinner every other Sunday,” confirmed Defence Minister Khurram Dastagir while talking to The Dependent.

“Sunday is like Monday here, so it’s a major diplomatic success that Pakistan will get to decide the most important meal on the first weekday,” added Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif while talking to The Dependent.

The ministers also confirmed that since the IMCTC is being commanded by General Raheel Sharif Pakistan also got to pick its favourite colour. “A lot of the countries wanted green, but we got the shade that we wanted,” confirmed Khwaja Asif, adding that Pakistan should ensure that it remains neutral.

“Pakistan should play the role of a mediator in the conflicts between fellow Muslim countries over colour choices and not play a partisan role in the selection of their uniforms,” he said.