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Currencies battle as the world rattles

Currencies battle as the world rattles

A stuttering global economic recovery is now faced with a fresh round of challenges. The sub-prime mortgage crisis has revealed to the world the fragility of the market, in what some observers have termed in hindsight, the ‘age of risk’. The magnitude of these challenges is multiplied by the flux of a constantly changing world. It’s a world that is as unsteady and wobbly as a ship sailing across the rough Atlantic sea.
The US was perceived as the engine of the global economy,

East Asia booming, but rising currencies a risk: World Bank

TOKYO: East Asia is leading the global recovery, but its success has attracted a surge of capital that has inflated currencies, spelling a risk to exports and future growth, the World Bank said Tuesday.
While the rebound is sluggish in the United States, EU and Japan, emerging East Asia, led by China, is growing at close to pre-2008 global crisis levels, with an expected real economic growth rate of 8.9 percent this year, it said. “East Asia remains the fastest growing world

41st World Standards Day celebrated

ISLAMABAD: The 41st World Standards Day is being celebrated across the world including Pakistan to pay tribute to the efforts of thousands of experts worldwide working in active collaboration of the IEC, ISO and ITU to develop voluntary International Standards that facilitate trade, spread knowledge and disseminate technological advances.
The aim of World Standards Day is to raise awareness among regulators, industry and consumers as to the importance of standardisation in the

Lebanon flags up yet another world record

Having breezed through several world records in the culinary field Lebanon has now gone for the big one – the world’s largest national flag, and so huge it needed an airfield.
The Lebanese military on Sunday released a picture taken from air of the massive flag, stitched in Kuwait, assembled in Lebanon and covering 65,000 square metres (645,600 square feet) “unfurled.”
Morocco is the current holder of the Guinness world record for the largest flag, at a mere 60,000 square