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UK tax scaring top players, says Wimbledon chief

LONDON – Several of the world’s top tennis players are likely to avoid leading tournaments in Britain because of the UK government’s policy of taxing their endorsement income, according to the man who runs Wimbledon. Wimbledon organisers said on Tuesday that this year’s prize fund would be 14.6 million pounds ($23.81 million), an increase of 6.4 percent on 2010, while the singles champions will each pocket 1.1 million pounds — up 10 percent. Those numbers and the kudos of the

Wimbledon prize money increased

LONDON – Wimbledon’s singles champions will benefit from a prize money rise taking their earnings to £1.1 million ($2.9 million) at the 2011 Championships, organisers announced on Tuesday. If men’s champion Rafael Nadal and women’s winner Serena Williams successfully defend the titles they won last year they will bank a cheque that represents a 10 percent rise of £100,000 on the £1 million prize awarded 12 months ago. Although the rest of the world continues to endure tough times as