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Watchdog warns PTCL for poor QoS

The recently issued notice to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) by the regulator was considered to be based on last year’s survey results. However, this has not been the case. Sources informed

Corruption watchdog slams oil and gas firms

BERLIN – Despite some improvements, oil and gas firms must do more to help stop corruption in the poor but resource-rich countries where they operate, watchdog Transparency International (TI) said on Tuesday. “Two-thirds of the world’s poor live in resource-rich countries. They have a right to know how much money their governments get from companies to exploit these resources,” Berlin-based TI said as it published a new report.
“It is good news that transparency is improving,

Empowered rights watchdog on the cards

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Thursday advanced one step forward to have a watchdog to check human rights violations when the National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights presented its report on the National Commission for Human Rights Bill 2008 in the House.
A formal bill will soon be tabled in the Parliament to give legal effect to the formation of the National Human Rights Commission in the light of committee’s recommendations. According to the bill as amended by the

Watchdog spotlights Myanmar rights abuse

BANGKOK – About half a million people are internally displaced by conflict in eastern Myanmar, where both the state army and rebels continue to recruit child soldiers, a top rights group said on Monday.
Human Rights Watch, in its annual report, said the state army was responsible for direct attacks and abuses against civilians in conflict areas, some of which have been wracked by civil war since independence in 1948. Among the abuses listed were widespread forced labour,

UN atomic watchdog approves nuclear fuel bank

VIENNA: The UN atomic watchdog on Friday voted to set up a nuclear fuel bank, under its auspices, to allow countries access to nuclear energy without risking the spread of atomic weapons.
The International Atomic Energy Agency’s 35-member governing board approved a United States-sponsored proposal for a $150-million fuel bank, with 28 countries in favour. No country voted against the resolution, but six developing countries – Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Tunisia and

Afghan election watchdog disqualifies 21 winners

KABUL: Nearly one in ten of the politicians who won a place in the Afghan parliament in a September poll have been disqualified for fraud, the country’s election watchdog said on Sunday.
The latest blow to a vote already plagued by allegations of widespread corruption comes a day after NATO wrapped up a major summit in Lisbon where Afghanistan topped the agenda, particularly an exit plan for foreign troops there.
Twenty-one candidates who had earned a winning number of votes