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WASA directed not to increase water rates

Rawalpindi District Coordination Officer (DCO) Rashid Mehmood has directed WASA not to increase water rates in the city. The DCO directed the WASA officials to conduct a survey to estimate the total

WASA initiates work on Nullah Lai

The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has devised a plan for preventing floods in Nullah Lai and the other nullahs of the town. The cleaning and dredging of Nullah Lai would be

It has rained but where are the drains?

Excessive rain has led to severe drainage issues in the provincial capital of the Punjab. After Saturday’s downpour, heavy showers once again started Sunday morning in Lahore leading to several roads and

No flood danger during monsoon: WASA

The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) claimed to have cleared silt and solid waste from Nullah Lai and due to arrangements made by the authority there is no danger of flood particularly

‘Give us water to drink!’

The farmers and Abadgars held protest demonstrations in various areas throughout the province against water scarcity and corruption of irrigation officials here on Sunday. The growers and farmers also staged sit in

No water supply to Cantt Board

The citizens living in the Cantt Board area are facing severe water shortage. The supply was interrupted due to bursting of supply lines during excavation work for extension of Peshawar Road. Due

WASA to ensure supply of clean drinking water

Managing Director of Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) Mian Abdullah directed the operational staff on Friday to use all available resources to ensure the provision of clean drinking water in the city.