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Pharmacists warn of countrywide protests

ISLAMABAD – After the over a month-long strike of young doctors that had crippled the working at hospitals across Punjab and the federal capital, Pakistan Pharmacist Association (PPA) has also warned the government of launching the protest in a similar fashion if their demand for a better service structure is not approved. The PPA members have rejected the Health Ministry’s proposal revising the service structure while demanding that they should be given the same perks and privileges

Experts warn against IMF ‘trap’

ISLAMABAD – As the government is eyeing another IMF package, the economists have termed the move ‘disastrous’ for the economy and said without implementing economic reforms, taxing the rich, focusing on promoting growth by bringing downing the interest rates, no bail-out package could end the chronic economic problems.
An official source at the Finance Ministry said that the government had decided to inform IMF authorities during the forth coming visit of finance minister to