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Warid introduces group SMS

LAHORE: Warid Telecom, following its tradition of bringing innovative products and services to its subscribers, has now brought Group SMS. Warid users can create an SMS group of up to 10 people. Every message one sends to the group will be sent to each person in the group, and when someone responds, it will be sent to everyone in the group as well. This makes group discussions and planning get-togethers and other group activities easy and spontaneous with just a couple of SMSes.

Warid offers free incoming SMS on international roaming

LAHORE: Warid Telecom has offered free incoming SMS to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers while roaming on any affiliate network in the world.
According to a press release issued here on Tuesday, the step was taken during the Hajj season with the vision to facilitate roaming pilgrims who are on travelling to Saudi Arabia.
Hoping to assist the pilgrims and their families, Warid formulated the free incoming SMS offer. In tandem it is providing the best calling rates to