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IJT activist beaten up at PU

The Islami Jamiat-e-Talba (IJT) got a taste of its own medicine, when one of its activists was beaten up at the Punjab University (PU) New Campus on Monday. Ahmed Sajjad Rathore was

Whose number is up?

What happened in Karachi last month _ the murder of a young man by the Rangers _ beggars description. Callous, cruel, barbarous, insensitive, pathetic, dismal, disappointing are the common adjectives which spring

TCP to stock up on sugar

Trade Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has decided to buy buffer stocks of sugar at the wrong time, sources told Pakistan Today on Monday. They added that TCP should have bought sugar stocks

Stile sets up new store

Stile, the brand name of ‘Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Limited’ (STCL) is well known for manufacturing quality tiles in Pakistan. It is producing ceramic as well as porcelain tiles for all sorts