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‘UNESCO’s help can do magic’

Astounding results can be achieved if international bodies like the UNESCO, with its vast experience, can lend a helping hand to the Punjab government in promoting mass literacy, Provincial Secretary Literacy and

Education prime target in conflict-hit regions: UNESCO

LAHORE – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has cited efforts to destroy the education system in the countries hit by conflict, a report published in The Guardian said. The annual report on the state of education, the UNESCO says the Israeli military attacks in Gaza left almost 300 schools in rubble and 350 children dead, while the targeted attacks by insurgents in Yemen, Thailand, Pakistan and Afghanistan are also aimed for the same purpose.

Egypt crisis – UNESCO warns on heritage

PARIS – The United Nations cultural organisation urged Egyptian authorities and protesters on Tuesday to protect the country’s heritage and respect freedom of expression during the ongoing political crisis. There have been reports of a looting attempt at Cairo’s renowned Egyptian Museum and other historal sites, as well as of citizens taking it upon themselves to set up a cordon to protect their nation’s heritage.
“My compassion goes first to the victims of the civil unrest and