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Kingdom not threatened, Pak in no hurry

Dispelling the notion that Pakistan has committed its troops to Saudi Arabia for fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Tuesday that there was no immediate threat to Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity and Pakistan is “not in a hurry” to decide on joining the Saudi-led coalition.

Pakistan to sit on the fence for now

While the top civil and military leadership reiterates pledge for “supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia”, severe public and media pressure and lack of political support has however compelled the federal government to put off, at least for time being, its previous decision to send military troops to join allied forces against Yemeni rebels.

More troops deployed in Balochistan

More army troops have been deployed in far-flung districts of Balochistan to ensure security during the upcoming general elections. According to a Pakistan Army spokesman, a contingent of 800 troops left for