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Rush hours

“Time is money”, goes the old adage. The worst thing that one can do with time is to waste. All over Lahore, rush hour rather rush hours are an absolute nightmare. Traffic

At long last

The Finance Department of Government of Sindh allowed the Time Scale to its teaching staffers of the Education & Literacy Department from 07 April, 2010, through its notification No FD(SR-I)I(52)/2010 issued on

The end of the reef?

A study released this week showed that more than half of the Great Barrier Reef has disappeared over the past 27 years. The study found that coral had covered 28% of the

Reliving the Prophet’s (PBUH) time

Renowned publishing house, Daraulsalam, organised a book and an Islamic history exhibition by the name of ‘Faham-e-Seerat’ (Understanding the Prophet’s life) in which models of Madina, Masid-e-Nabvi and the battle area of

‘We really need to be prepared this time!’

Following the weather advisory issued by the Pakistan Metrological Department that widespread rains are expected in the lower parts of Sindh including the flood-hit areas and Karachi, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority