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Conversions threaten the Kalash

Nestled among the valleys of the country’s mountainous northwest, a tiny religious community that claims descent from Alexander the Great’s army is under increasing pressure from radicals bent on converting them to

Doctors threaten to resign

QUETTA – The Balochistan chapter of Pakistan Medical Association Wednesday threatened that all the doctors working at government-run hospitals would tender their resignations in protest over the abduction and murder of their colleague Dr. Mumtaz Haider. They however said that final decision in this raged would be taken by the PMA’s academic council meeting being held on April 22. Citing poor security for doctors, the PMA members said they felt insecure while performing their duty. The

EU banks threaten global financial stability: IMF

WASHINGTON – Unhealthy European banks are the biggest threat to global financial stability, and they need to find fresh capital, the International Monetary Fund said Wednesday.
“Many institutions – particularly weaker European banks – are caught in a maelstrom of interlinked pressures that are intensifying risks for the system as a whole,” the IMF said in its Global Financial Stability Report.
“Remaining structural weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the euro area still pose

Paramedics threaten to suspend services

LAHORE – Members of the Punjab Paramedics Alliance (PPA) held a protest in front of the Punjab Assembly on Wednesday and threatened to stop working in the public hospitals from next month and take to the streets if the Punjab government did not issue a service structure notification for paramedics’ basic pay scales 1 to 16.
PPA President Malik Muneer Ahmed said the Punjab government catered only for the people who protested in front of the Punjab Assembly and added that perhaps

Small traders threaten to hold nationwide protest

KARACHI – Small traders threatened to unleash nationwide agitation if the government failed to comply with their demands, including the cancellation of the proposed reformed General Sales Tax (GST).
The members of the All Pakistan Organization of Small Traders and Cottage Industries (APOSTCI) have also vowed to hold a national gathering under the banner of the All Pakistan Traders Convention by the middle of this month to devise a future course of action for the organisation