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After the agreement

Pakistan agreed to re-open land routes for NATO goods on July 3, 2012 after they were blocked for almost seven months due to a US airstrike on Salala that killed 24 Pakistani

Arif Nizami

Relations on the mend

But out-of-the-box thinking still required After the resumption of NATO supplies, Pakistan’s frayed relations with the US are on the mend. Modalities of transport of supplies to Afghanistan through Pakistan have already

No routes for NATO beyond 2014

As the United States and Pakistan inch closer to sign a vital agreement on the “formalisation of NATO supplies”, Islamabad has refused to accept the US demand for the long term use

Increasing divisiveness

With palpable mala fide moves, the gulf widens even further With untold embarrassment and setback suffered by botching the entire NATO supply route affair and the patently mala fide intent behind introducing

Only Chaman route opened for Nato

The federal government has reopened only one supply route for the NATO forces – the one via Chaman in Balochistan. As these routes have been reopened, the interior ministry has expressed its