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Venus makes its transit across Sun

Venus, the second closest planet to the Sun, on Wednesday crossed the Sun’s face in a rare astronomical event that will not be seen again until the year 2117. Venus, regarded by

The sun rises in the east

In these turbulent times for the country it would not be wrong to suggest that Pakistan’s economic fortunes are tied to the east and not to the Western hemisphere. Pakistan’s imbalance of

Sun power to ensure your meal is served hot, at a lesser cost!

KARACHI – Pakistan-born American is keen familiarise the people living in the rural areas of Pakistan with the technology of home-made, non-patent and cheap ‘solar box cooker’ as his social responsibility.
“I have come here to show the world’s cheapest solar box cooker, a simple technology that uses sunlight to bake and cook plain rice, prepare lentils and other foods on daily basis in a covered casserole, a porcelain-enamel cooking dish,” said Pakistani expatriate Afzal Syed in