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SC’s Nov 3, 2007 restraining order had no legal status, SC told

SC’s Nov 3, 2007 restraining order had no legal status, SC told

ISLAMABAD – Syed Naeem Bokhari, counsel for Justice Jehanzaib Rahim told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that seven-member bench’s restraining order of Nov 3,2007 had no legal status as it was issued without issuing notices and hearing the attorney general and other parties concerned.
He said his client took oath on Nov 4, 2007, when he noticed that the chief justice and judges had been installed in the Supreme Court and similarly the chief justices and judges in the provincial

Give Punjabi its due status’

Lahore – Punjabi Language Movement (PML) Lahore asked the authorities to give up 150 years old lingual discrimination with Punjabi language and declare it as the language of instruction, legislature, administration and judiciary in Punjab. The movement demanded that the
“Punjabi Language Act should be introduced in the Punjab Assembly for this purpose, as it is the language of majority of the Punjabis.” The demand was made by PLM Convener Nazeer Kahut at the Lahore Press Club on

Venice wants heritage status for gondolas

Venice wants its famous wooden gondolas to be given world heritage status and it is set to apply to get them listed.
The move comes as plans by a shipyard in Brindisi in southern Italy to start producing weather-resistant plastic and fiberglass replicas emerged.
The city’s gondoliers’ association said that it takes months of painstaking work to make an authentic gondola, and replacing them with plastic is “outrageous”.
“Safeguarding the tradition of the gondola, of the