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United States doubts Mideast peace

PARIS: Fresh leaks of diplomatic cables from 2009 by online whistleblower Wikileaks on Monday showed US doubts over Israel's commitment to the Middle East peace process due to disagreement over Israeli settlements.
A US cable from November 2009, published online by Wikileaks and by French newspaper Le Monde, said Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu wanted to negotiate with Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, known as Abu Mazen.
But it added: "it remains unclear to us how

Broadband tariffs in Pakistan lowest among SAARC states

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has carried out a benchmark study on broadband tariff and concluded that these are highly competitive in the country as compared to other regional states.
The basic objective of the benchmark study was to assess and compare the level of broadband tariffs prevailing in Pakistan against other countries and to identify areas where further improvements for the benefit of operators could be made. As per regulator's latest

United States plans diplomatic shake-up after WikiLeaks

WASHINGTON: The United States is planning a major reshuffle of diplomats, military officers and intelligence operatives who have been compromised by the WikiLeaks scandal, a report said Sunday.
US news website The Daily Beast wrote that the WikiLeaks disclosures may have made it "dangerous" if not impossible for those found to have been strongly critical of corrupt or incompetent governments to do their job.
"We're going to have to pull out some of our best people...

Iran should keep out of affairs of Arab states: Egypt FM

DOHA: Iran should keep out of the internal affairs of Arab countries in the Gulf and not meddle in Iraq and Lebanon, Egypt's foreign minister said on Friday in a Qatari newspaper.
"Iranian interventions in the internal affairs of the Gulf must not be allowed," Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul-Gheit told Al-Sharq newspaper. "We say to our brothers in Iran ... Iraq must be left alone and Lebanon must be left alone. And Iran should not intrude in Bahrain in any way," said Abul Gheit.