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Imran not ready to give up on Buzdar

–PM says Punjab CM does his work ‘quietly’, asks him to publicise his performance –Imran goes soft on Nawaz, targets Maulana Fazlur Rehman –Says govt will import Euro-4-compliant fuel, shift towards e-vehicle

Lahore smog recedes after rain

LAHORE: A Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) official on Thursday said that overnight rain has receded the level of hazardous smog that was engulfing Lahore for over two weeks. According to Lahore’s Chief Meteorologist Shahib

Smog chokes Lahore once again

–Govt officials deny failure to implement smog commission’s findings, blame Indian farmers for pollution LAHORE: Punjab government’s claims of making efforts for controlling smog fell short when pollutants once again engulfed several