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Inter-faith harmony stressed

Muslim clerics, representatives from Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism and Bha’i religion on Saturday set up the Peace and Harmony Network Pakistan (PHNP) in a meeting held in the Catholic Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue

Sikh leader threatened in Lahore

The business of a prominent Pakistani Sikh leader has been attacked by unidentified people several times over the past six months, and now the miscreants have even threatened him against speaking about

NADRA to verify Sikh marriages

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will validate “Annand Karraj” – a marriage certificate issued by a Gurdwara for verifying the Sikh marriages. NADRA would get these certificates verified from the Gurdwara

Sikh pilgrims arrive in Lahore

Sikh pilgrims arrived at Wagha Railway Station by a special train on Tuesday to observe 172th death anniversary of Ranjeet Singh. Sikh pilgrim expressed gratitude for providing them with tight security on

3,000 Sikh yatris due in Punja Sahib today

WAH CANTT – Around 3,000 Sikh yatris, mostly from India, are expected to arrive on Monday (today) at Gurdwara Punja Sahib, Hassan Abdal, to offer religious rituals in connection with 312th Besakhi festival.
Talking to newsmen here at Hassan Abdal on Sunday, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Deputy Secretary Syed Faraz Abbas said that Indian Sikh yatris would arrive at Hassanabdal on Monday (today) through special trains via Wagha border for a three-day stay to offer religious

Sikh Yatrees set stage to celebrate 312th Besakhi Festival

ISLAMABAD – Besakhi – the colorful festival of Sikh minority is all set to be celebrated from Tuesday (April 12) with participation of around 13000 Sikh Yatrees from home and abroad, mainly India.
The joyful festival lift up spirits of Sikh community and add colors to their lives showing their dedication for the religion. The Sikh new year begins with the festival of Besakhi which also marks the founding of Khalsa Panth as the Sikh Yatrees will perform centuries old Besakhi

Sikh organisations send rice bags for flood survivors

KARACHI: The Unite Sikh, Sri Guru Singh Sabha and United Sikhs of Thailand, the international organisations have sent a container of 25,000 kilograms of rice for the flood survivors as a token of support.
The container was handed over to the National Trust for population Welfare (NATPOW) chairperson, Senator Suriya Amiruddin on Sunday. The container containing 2,500 rice bags – 10 Kgs each, would be distributed among the flood victims in Kyber-Phaktoonkhwa and three worst