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We are short of 4,800 MW of electricity

ISLAMABAD ONLINE Electricity shortfall across the country has reached 4,800 MW on Wednesday. As per details, power generation was recorded at 14,800 MW while demand remained 19,600 MW. Load shedding is being

Power minister cuts a ‘sorry’ figure

One should not forget that the government had just cleared the entire circular debt a year before July and there were no system constraints. Every machine was running to its capacity. Now the circular debt has reared its head. Fuel supplies have been squeezed; the sector is getting around 22,000 tons furnace oil against total the demand of around 36,000 tons. So, the situation is bound to worsen.

Power shortfall surges to 3,200MW

The electricity shortfall in the country has again mounted to 3,200MW, resulting in an increase in the duration of power outages in cities and villages across the country. The duration of electricity

Power shortfall reaches 5,500MW

The electricity shortfall has increased up to 5,500MW across the country and unannounced load shedding has reached up to 18 hours a day. Media reports said the production of electricity was recorded