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What does Article 17 say?

The Supreme Court on Thursday announced its verdict on the suo motu notice on Karachi violence, referring to Article 17 of the constitution pertaining to the freedom of association. The Article 17

Say ‘no’ to plastic bags

Despite a ban on polythene bags, they are being manufactured and used in Islamabad and the adjoining city of Rawalpindi, which shows inadequate government action against their manufactures and a lack of

To say and not to do

Corporate hypocrisy is in. In a global world with information spilling over everywhere the latest business buzzword is just a click away. Thus for companies to access the latest trends and start

MQM lawmakers say country’s economy on the brink of disaster

KARACHI – The economy of Pakistan is on the brink of a disaster and if the people at the helm of affairs do not take corrective measure on urgent basis, it would have devastating consequences for the country, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) parliamentarians observed on Monday at the Khursheed Begum Memorial Hall of the MQM headquarters Nine-Zero in Azizabad where the overall economic position of the country was being discussed. Members of the MQM Coordination Committee were also

Police say killers of Haqiqi leader identified, will be arrested soon

KARACHI – The Karachi police have reportedly identified the men involved in the killing of Akhter Hussain, the vice chairman of Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi (MQM-H) Afaq Group, and his two aides, it was learnt on Saturday.
Hussain and his two aides were killed on Shaheed-e-Millat Road near Bahadurabad on April 12. A female passerby was also killed and a child injured when the assailants fired at the MQM-H men’s car.
A Karachi police official said the suspects were being

US, UK, France say Libya’s future with Gaddafi ‘unthinkable’

TRIPOLI – The leaders of Britain, France and the United States (US) said a Libyan future including Moammer Gaddafi was “unthinkable”, as Russia charged Friday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was exceeding its UN mandate in the restive Arab nation.
British Prime Minister David Cameron, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy and US President Barack Obama penned a joint article dismissing a Libyan future with Gaddafi as “unthinkable” and saying his staying on would

Western, Arab nations say Gaddafi must go

DOHA/TRIPOLI – A group of Western powers and Middle Eastern states called for the first time on Wednesday for Moammer Gaddafi to step aside, but North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) countries squabbled publicly over stepping up air strikes to help topple him.
In a victory for Britain and France, which are leading the air campaign in Libya and pushed for an unequivocal call for regime change, the “contact group” of some 16 European and Middle Eastern nations, plus the United