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Anwar Saifullah defends Ishaq

Amidst media uproar on the Mehrangate Scandal, PPP MPA Anwar Saifullah on Wednesday chose to defend the alleged mastermind of the scandal, former president Ghulam Ishaq Khan, who allegedly had ordered to

Saifullah fills in Kasuri’s gap

The Pakistan Muslim League-Likeminded (PML-LM) on Wednesday, in a party meeting, unanimously appointed Senator Salim Saifullah as its steering committee chairman. Earlier, former foreign minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri was chairman of the

PML-LM announces party’s manifesto

Pakistan Muslim League (Like Minded Group) announced its manifesto titled ‘Roadmap to Pakistan’s Recovery’ covering 25 areas to be tackled including security, justice, education, health youth and others. In the launching ceremony