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Elusive sense of safety

On the surface, last week’s currency market gyrations implied increasing uncertainty as Monday’s welcome return of risk appetite quickly gave way to familiar turbulence. But within the volatility, the franc and yen

High-rises flouting fire safety norms

Owners of the plazas and high-rise buildings in the capital city pay no heed to the Capital Development Authority (CDA)’s Building Standards for Fire Preventions and Life Safety (BSFPLS) 2010 as they

CDGK launches road safety awareness drive

The City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has launched its Road Safety Awareness campaign on the city’s major arteries. The Transport and Communication Department of the CDGK has launched the campaign at the

Sorange Mines blasts: the need to revamp safety legislation

News of suicide attacks, drone attacks, targeted killings, attacks on schools and shrines flash across the media as breaking news, but the Sorange mines accident was lost somewhere in the cacophony of these no-less-disturbing incidents. The Sorange mines, which are located 16 kilometres east of Quetta and contain 12.95 million tonnes of coal, are where 43 poor miners lost their lives apparently owing to poor ventilation. Last year alone these poor departed souls had mined 60,404

PNRA wants safety review of N-plants

ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) on Tuesday advised the authorities concerned to undertake a safety review of the country’s two atomic power plants in the wake of Japan’s nuclear disaster.
PNRA said in a statement that it had asked the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) to revisit the safety aspects of the nuclear power plants at Karachi and Chashma. “PNRA will continue to study the accident at Fukushima and the response of Japanese and other

France proposes G20 meeting on nuclear safety standards

TOKYO – French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday proposed a meeting of G20 nuclear industry officials in May to start hammering out new global safety standards in the wake of the power plant disaster in Japan.
Japan’s battle to avert a catastrophic meltdown of fuel rods at the earthquake-wrecked facility north of Tokyo has triggered alarm and safety reviews in nuclear-powered countries around the world. Sarkozy, the first foreign leader to visit Japan since the March 11