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Security in Muharram

The holy month of Muharram comes every year and the interior ministry holds high level meetings before the commencement of this month at each...

Clinton arrives in Tajikistan to discuss Afghan supply route

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Friday arrived on her first official visit to the ex-Soviet state of Tajikistan for talks focused on...

Abbottabad commission flies the American route

The Abbottabad Commission visited Abbotabad on Tuesday and flew over the likely route adopted by American helicopters during the Abbotabad operation. The commission landed...

The non-scenic route to the place we’re going anyway

Quarterly GDP data don’t, on the whole, tend to make the person studying them laugh out loud. The most recent set, however, are an...

Firdous stresses revival of Silk Route

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Saturday termed the China-Eurasia Expo and Media Forum in Urumqi a ‘very important...

MQM adopting official route to discuss Azad Kashmir elections?

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) is trying to convene sessions of the National and Sindh Assemblies to discuss the Azad Kashmir elections. The party...

‘Wakhan route to open soon’

In an hour-long meeting with the visiting business delegation of Pakistan, Emomali Rahman President of Republic of Tajikistan on Thursday said that he would...

Global powers must offer exit route to Gaddafi

LONDON - International powers should offer Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi an exit strategy when they meet in London on Tuesday, political commentators said. Humanitarian aid for Libyans and plans to move to a post-Gaddafi future will be discussed when Britain hosts the conference to be attended by 35 nations. Britain, which has taken a lead role in military operations against Gaddafi's forces, said the meeting would reinforce the commitment to implement the U.N. Security Council

FROM KARACHI TO KABUL: UNSAFE HIGHWAYS – Sindh, Balochistan home depts...

KARACHI - Declaring the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) supply route from Karachi to Kabul for the allied forces in Afghanistan unsafe, the federal government has asked the home departments of Sindh and Balochistan to adopt a foolproof security plan for the itinerary, sources in the Sindh Home Department told Pakistan Today.
They said that the NATO supply route is under attack by unidentified suspects, whereas goods transporters are being uncooperative with the

Addis Ababa Jews see no quick route to promised land

ADDIS ABABA - In a run-down synagogue built from corrugated iron sheets in the north east of the Ethiopian capital, preacher Wagaw Moges addresses a crowd of dozens gathered for weekday prayers.
The participants are all members of a 2,000-strong community in Addis Ababa who claim Jewish lineage, but their very origins are doubted by authorities in Israel who believe they are imposters seeking entry under the guise of religion.
"Be strong my colleagues, there will be a lot

China opens Islamabad-Kashgar air cargo route

BEIJING: Ahead of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Pakistan, Beijing has inaugurated the first air cargo route linking Islamabad with border town Kashgar, in northwest Xinjiang province.
The cargo service operates once a week and the frequency will be increased to daily flights depending on freight volume, said an official from Kashgar, which is a known as Kashi Prefecture Government. Kashgar is an oasis town east of the Taklamakan Desert and a trading hub along the ancient

Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline to follow Gwadar coastal route

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has informed Iran that it has selected the southern coastal route crossing through Gwadar for the construction of the proposed Iran Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline between the two neighbours.
According to official sources, the selection of the route was imperative, as Iran will build the connecting point at the border. They indicated that the consultant working on the project will take at least 15 months to map out the detailed engineering design of the IP gas