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Risk-free week starts

Lahore District Coordination Officer (DCO) Ahad Khan Cheema has announced Risk Free Lahore Week from June 13 to 18 for the citizens’ safety. Cheema...

ACCA casts light on risk management

LAHORE - ACCA has published a collection of essays from experts in the public and private sectors assessing the role of ethical corporate behaviour in risk management and governance.
The paper, 'Risk & Reward: Shared Perspectives' features contributions illustrates how value-based principles can be applied and how they may impact on business performance and the interests of stakeholders. "In the aftermath of the financial crisis, we have seen a huge focus on structural matters,

New York state demands risk review of nuclear plant

NEW YORK - A nuclear power plant about 40 miles north of New York City must review the earthquake threat and other risks if it wants to operate for another 20 years, New York state's attorney general said on Friday. "While the possibility of an intense earthquake is relatively low, the potential for harm is so catastrophic that it has to be taken into account," New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman told a news conference. The Indian Point plant, owned by Entergy Corp, is in

Japan radioactivity could enter food chain, children at risk

SINGAPORE - Radioactive materials spewed into the air by Japan's earthquake-crippled nuclear plant may contaminate food and water resources, with children and unborn babies most at risk of possibly developing cancer.
Experts said any exposure to radioactive materials has the potential to cause various kinds of cancers, with higher levels of radiation seen as more dangerous. But they said they needed more accurate measurements for the level of radioactivity in Japan, and the

World at risk of another food crisis: FAO

ABU DHABI - Surging global prices of basic foodstuffs raise the risk that the food crisis of 2007-2008 in developing countries will be repeated, the head of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization said on Monday. A jump in oil prices and the fast recent drawdown in global stocks of cereals could herald a supply crisis, FAO Director General Jacques Diouf told Reuters in an interview during a visit to the United Arab Emirates. "The high prices raise concern and we've been quickly

Sindh, Balochistan coasts at risk?

KARACHI - Three recently-installed advanced tide gauge meters along Sindh and Balochistan coast are in disrepair, and thus any alerts issued by the Pakistan Meteorological Department are not based on real-time statistics but on "historical precedent," Pakistan Today has learnt.
Fears abound that a tsunami could also hit the Pakistani coast, but Sindh's authorities are unruffled. The PMD issued an alert on SMS that a regional tsunami warning has been generated, but Pakistan is not

Contamination of edible cargo poses major health risk

KARACHI - The alleged cross-contamination of edible and inedible cargoes at local seaports is posing not only a health hazard to consumers, but is also hurting Pakistan's image as an exporting country in the market.
According to well placed sources, the Port Qasim Authority (PQA), in a sheer violation of international best practices, is allowing the "simultaneous" handling of edible and inedible exportable and imported commodities at Port Qasim.
They said the vessels,

Torrential rain in Sri Lanka kills 11; rice crop at risk

COLOMBO - Heavy rain triggered flooding in Sri Lanka that killed at least 11 people and is threatening up to 90 percent of the staple rice crop, heightening concern about supply shocks and inflation, officials said on Sunday. Heavy monsoon rain caused flooding across the Eastern, Northern and North Central provinces for the second time in less than a month. More than 250,000 people have been forced into temporary shelters by this latest inundation.
"A large amount is destroyed.

Industries in buffer zone put residents’ health at risk

ISLAMABAD - In violation of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) rules and regulations, the elimination of the buffer zone between the industrial and residential areas in sectors I-9 and I-10 is posing a threat to the health of the capital's residents.
In Islamabad's master plan, the Industrial Area is isolated from residential areas by a buffer zone, but later CDA had converted the buffer zone into a commercial area and industries were constructed amidst populated area, with

Ouattara says no risk of civil war

PARIS - Military intervention in Ivory Coast does not mean the country will descend into civil war, presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara said on Wednesday.
In his first television interview since the crisis unfolded, Ouattara told France 24 he preferred a peaceful solution to the crisis, but dismissed negotiating with incument Laurent Gbagbo saying he had to "leave power." "I think he will be responsible for the situation that he will face. Military intervention does not mean

Polluted water a serious health risk

DASKA - With the spread of waterborne diseases, a large number of patients, most of them women and children, have been admitted to several government and private hospitals and clinics in and around Sialkot.
Health, environment and public health engineering departments have agreed that the local water supply was contaminated and accused the Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) of not paying attention to pipeline congestion in residential, commercial and industrial

Britain warns documents release could put ‘lives at risk’

LONDON: Britain condemned on Sunday the release of classified US documents by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks, echoing US concerns that it "may put lives at risk".
"We condemn any unauthorised release of this classified information, just as we condemn leaks of classified material in the UK," a Foreign Office statement said, as WikiLeaks prepared to publish classified US documents.
"They can damage national security, are not in the national interest and, as the US have

Two Afghans accused of Christian conversion risk execution

KABUL: Two Afghans accused of converting to Christianity, including a Red Cross employee, could face the death penalty, a prosecuting lawyer said on Sunday.
Musa Sayed, 45, and Ahmad Shah, 50, are being detained in the Afghan capital awaiting trial, the prosecutor in charge of western Kabul, Din Mohammad Quraishi, told AFP.
"They are accused of conversion to another religion, which is considered a crime under Islamic law. If proved, they face the death penalty or life

East Asia booming, but rising currencies a risk: World Bank

TOKYO: East Asia is leading the global recovery, but its success has attracted a surge of capital that has inflated currencies, spelling a risk to exports and future growth, the World Bank said Tuesday.
While the rebound is sluggish in the United States, EU and Japan, emerging East Asia, led by China, is growing at close to pre-2008 global crisis levels, with an expected real economic growth rate of 8.9 percent this year, it said. "East Asia remains the fastest growing world

Soaring gold prices put jewellers at risk

LAHORE: Soaring gold prices have put the jewellery shops in Lahore on high risk and can be a potential target for robbers.
Increasing prices have raised the security concerns for the jewellery shop owners as the government has not taken any security measures for them, Pakistan Today learnt during a survey conducted in order to check security measures adopted by the Lahore Police to ensure security of jewellers.
Suha Bazaar, Ferozpur Road and Gulberg's jewellery market's