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Think of the rickshaw drivers!

Rickshaw drivers on Wednesday revealed that many people from their profession had been forced to quit their occupation because of traffic jams across the city. They said traffic jams at key locations

One man’s bike, another man’s rickshaw!

Stolen motorcycles are increasingly being used to manufacture motorcycle rickshaws which have become a cheap and popular mode of transport for commuters in Pakistan’s commercial hub, Pakistan Today has learnt. Such motorbikes

Subsidised fuel cards for bikers, rickshaw owners likely next week

ISLAMABAD – In order to avoid political backlash in the urban areas due to the unprecedented increase in POL prices, the government is swiftly working on launching a subsidised fuel card scheme for the benefit of bikers and rickshaw owners in next few days. An official source at the Ministry of Finance said the prime minister had directed immediate finalisation of the fuel card scheme, which was conceived in December last year after the unprecedented increase in POL prices in the

Rickshaw thief arrested

LAHORE – Gawalmandi police claimed to have arrested Majid, a rickshaw thief, and recovered nine rickshaws from his custody while CIA Saddar Division Police have arrested a proclaimed offender and four motorcycle thieves and recovered two motorcycles and cash from their custody. According to a handout issued on Thursday, Gawalmandi police conducted raid on a tip-off and arrested Majid. During the preliminary interrogation, the arrested confessed to 15 rickshaw thefts.

Tangas going off the road

Tanga or tonga in English, a horse-drawn wooden carriage used for transportation, is fading with the passage of time as rickshaws have left them far behind in this fast-paced era.
Tanga, besides being a fine mode of transportation, is a cultural symbol as well and people usually enjoy riding it because it does not cause much noise pollution and is cheaper to hire than a rickshaw. Before bringing it on the road, a set of ornaments is used to control the movements of a horse that

Skippers’ rickshaw parade

DHAKA – Captains of the 14 competing teams at the World Cup paraded through Dhaka’s historic Bangabandhu Stadium on Thursday in brightly coloured rickshaws, the transport of choice in this teeming city.
Protected by a sheet of bullet-proof glass, Bangladesh prime minister Sheikh Hasina watched as home skipper Shakib Al Hasan brought up the rear of the unusual, three-wheeled parade that kick-started a two-hour opening ceremony.
Ricky Ponting, captain of defending champions

Woman killed in motorcycle rickshaw collision

LAHORE – An unidentified 35-year-old woman was killed and three others critically injured when two motorcycle rickshaws collided with each other due to speeding in the Yakki Gate Police Station precincts. According to police, two motorcycle-rickshaws started racing with each other near the Sherawala Gate and collided with each other due to speeding. As a result, a woman died on the spot while other passengers were injured and provided first-aid by the Rescue 1122. The woman’s body was