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‘Pakistan praised Indian response on Mumbai attacks’

‘Pakistan praised Indian response on Mumbai attacks’

NEW DELHI – A Pakistani High Commission official praised India for acting “responsibly and maturely” following the Mumbai terror attacks which killed 166 people, according to US official cables released by the WikiLeaks website.
The official, whose name was deleted in the confidential cable, made the comments when contrasting New Delhi’s reaction to the Mumbai attacks to its response after the bombing of India’s embassy in Kabul in July 2008. The cable, signed by then US envoy

ICC rejects Salman’s response

LAHORE – The confrontation between suspended Pakistan Test captain Salman Butt and the ICC took a serious turn after it was disclosed that the Butt had expressed his distrust in the ICC chief executive and the head of ICC Code of Conduct commission which will hear his appeal next month.
The Code of Conduct commission returned the reply filed by Butt’s legal team and gave him 24 hours to submit a fresh reply or forgo his right of defence. It was revealed that in his reply, the

Salman submits response to ICC

LAHORE: Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt has filed a “comprehensive and hard-hitting” reply to the allegations of spot-fixing ahead of his International Cricket Council tribunal hearing in Doha, Qatar.
According to his lawyer, it was wrong to say that the beleaguered captain was handicapped by the composition of his legal team, which was suffering on account of there being ‘too many cooks spoiling the broth’. The 26-year-old was provisionally suspended by the ICC along with