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‘Recycle, reduce, and reuse’

An exhibition of learning models on topic “Recycle, Reduce and Reuse” arranged by post graduates students of University of Education held in Lecturer Hall at Township Campus. The chief guest was Vice

‘US should reduce its centrality’

The United States must adopt measures to reduce its centrality to the conflict in Afghanistan while Pakistan should also revisit its foreign policy and evolve a positive approach towards its neighbours. These

Instrument invented to reduce fuel consumption

DASKA – To stop the exit of carbon from vehicles and save the consumption of fuel, an instrument has been invented by a resident of Daska. Reportedly, the vehicles that operate with petrol, diesel and compressed natural gas (CNG) exit carbon monoxide which becomes the cause of pollution in the environment.
To stop this exit and minimise pollution in the air, a resident of Daska, Khalid Mughal, has invented an instrument named “Petro Max” which minimises the exit of carbon

‘Integrated management needed to reduce bomb blast casualties’

KARACHI – Pakistan, with no less than 2,000 deaths and 3,650 injured during series of bomb blasts, since 2000 to early 2011, needs an “integrated medical management system” to reduce the intensity of loss inflicted upon human lives, experts said on Monday.
Experts and researchers also drew attention towards change in the nature of blasts witnessed during past four years reflected through diversity of injuries caused to the people.
“The nature of blasts has markedly

LG to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 14 million tonnes

LAHORE – LG Electronics (LG), recently, announced that it is on track to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by almost 14 million tonnes this year, up from its previous record of 12.9 million tons last year. This revised forecast is part of LG’s aim to achieve its goal of 200 million tonnes of cumulative reductions from 2009 through 2020. As part of its “Green 2020” master plan for green growth and sustainable management, LG has been reducing greenhouse gases through improved