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By a whisker…

France dodges recession with zero growth in second quarter France’s economy recorded flat growth in the second quarter of 2012, data showed Tuesday, beating expectations it would begin a slide into recession.

Unfazed by the recession

LAHORE – The past two or three years have hit the global economy hard. Corporate giants all over the world have been forced to tighten their belts in a worldwide economic recession. The Pakistani economy has been hard hit as well, resulting in steady inflation, a devaluation of the rupee and a widening gap between the revenue of the government and the government’s expenditures, leading to a decline in the purchasing power of the average Pakistani.
Rising unemployment combined

‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ deals with recession in underworld

NEW DELHI: Subhash Kapoor, director of ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’, a small budget comedy starring Neha Dhupia and Rajat Kapoor, says the film shows the repercussions of the global recession on the world of crime. “People see the global recession as a phenomena triggering unemployment and fall in market income.
But it had a deep impact on everyone and we have taken an initiative to portray this anxiety in a humourous way,” said director Subhash Kapoor during the special screening of