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NATO refuses to apologise for strike on Libyan rebel tanks

BRUSSELS – NATO refused to apologise Friday for a deadly airstrike on Libyan rebel tanks, saying that the military alliance was unaware that the opposition was using such vehicles.
“I’m not apologising,” Rear Admiral Russell Harding, deputy commander of NATO’s Libya operations, told a news briefing.
“The situation on the ground, as I said, was extremely fluid and remains extremely fluid. Up until yesterday we had no information that the TNC or opposition forces were using

US avoids rebel backing, as strikes hit Gaddafi forces

WASHINGTON – The international coalition’s strikes on forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi have enabled Libyan rebels to regroup and attempt an advance west, but US officials maintain Washington will not take decisive sides in the conflict.
President Barack Obama sought in his speech Monday to reconcile the fact that he wants Gaddafi gone with the view that pursuing a policy of regime change through military means could spell disaster.
“If we tried to overthrow Gaddafi by force,

Islamist rebel urges ‘total war’ with Russia

MOSCOW – The Chechen Islamist rebel leader who is Russia’s most wanted man has issued an appeal for recruits for a “total war” against the Russian state, in a new video message posted on Thursday. “A total war is in progress, fight the enemy where ever you can,” Doku Umarov said standing alongside two other militants in a snow-covered forest in a video posted on militant website hunafa.com.
As well as repeating calls for women to join the rebellion, Umarov called on Russian

Rebel clashes reignite fears for Sudan’s south

JUBA – Renegade militia fighters clashed with south Sudan’s army for a second time in three weeks, both sides said, reigniting fears for the stability of the oil-producing region in the countdown to its independence. Rebel leader George Athor told Reuters just short of 100 people died in the latest fighting on Sunday in the south’s Jonglei state – where France’s Total oil giant is due to start exploring.
The south’s army said fighting continued on Monday but added Athor’s death