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Hundreds rally against drug trade

FAISALABAD - Hundreds of protesters thronged one of the busiest highways of the city to condemn the flourishing drug trade in their area and the poor performance of the local police.
The residents of Gokhuwal village, led by Masood Cheema, gathered at Millat Road. They blocked the incoming and outgoing traffic by burning tyres and staging a sit-in. The protesters alleged the Millat Town police were sheltering drug dealers. They lamented dozens of youth had become addicts owing

Tehrik-e-Namoos-e-Risalat rally on The Mall

LAHORE - Tehrik-e-Namoos-e-Risalat (TNR) will take out a rally from Nasir Bagh to the Assembly Hall today at 11:30 am. To ensure the security of the participants in today's rally, only one or two entries will be allowed for the participants in the rally, while the main entry will be given at Nasir Bagh.
TNR leadership convened two meetings this week to finalise its strategy for the rally; one at Mansoora while another at Markaz-i-Qadsia, the head office of a banned religious

Thousands rally in Tunis as teachers strike

TUNIS - Thousands of protesters rallied in the main government quarter in Tunis on Monday calling for Prime Minister Mohammed Ghannouchi to resign after the fall of veteran leader Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
The security forces fired tear gas and sealed off the area with barbed wire as some protesters threw stones, charged police lines and smashed up a police car at the start of a make-or-break week for Tunisia's new transition government.
"Resign scum!" the protesters chanted

Thousands rally against Tunisia’s new leaders

TUNIS - Thousands rallied in Tunisia on Saturday after the main trade union called for a new government of national salvation, as the prime minister promised the first democratic elections since independence.
Demonstrators in Tunis were joined by dozens of members of the police, discredited because of the bloody crackdown on protests against president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali that ultimately led to his ouster on January 14. Officers said they were on the side of the protestors and

Hundreds rally against Tunisia’s new government

TUNIS - Hundreds of Tunisians rallied against their new government on Wednesday, as the leadership tried to defuse public anger over the continued power of the former ruling party and four ministers pulled out.
"Ben Ali has gone to Saudi Arabia! The government should go there too," more than 1,000 protesters chanted in central Tunis, referring to former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who fled on Friday after 23 years of iron-fisted rule. "We want a new parliament, a new

Hundreds rally in Tunisia against Ben Ali’s party

TUNIS - Hundreds of people rallied in central Tunis on Monday to demand the abolition of ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's RCD party as police fired volleys of tear gas to break up the protest.
Demonstrators in two towns in the central west also demanded the end of the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), members of which are expected to feature in the transitional government due to be unveiled Monday.
"The revolution continues! RCD out!" shouted several hundred

Sudan’s Nuba peoples rally for greater freedom

KAUDA - Thousands of Sudanese demonstrated in the Nuba mountains on Saturday, demanding free and fair elections as a prelude to greater autonomy within the north, as a southern independence vote wrapped up.
In Kauda, a remote mountain town that is a stronghold of southern former rebels of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement even though it lies in the northern state of South Kordofan, large crowds gathered chanting anti-government slogans and waving SPLM flags. "Down, down, old

Al-Attiyah takes lead at Dakar Rally

COPIAPO - Qatari driver Nasser Al-Attiyah took the overall race lead after winning the eighth stage of the Dakar Rally, a 508km special on a 776km run through the Atacama desert from Antofagasta to here on Monday. The Volkswagen driver, runner-up last year, finished 6min 36sec ahead of teammate and defending champion Carlos Sainz from whom he takes the overall race lead following a battle through the lunar landscape of one of the driest places on earth. Al-Attiyah - who also won

Thousands rally in Karachi in support of blasphemy law

KARACHI - Various religious groups organised a massive rally on Sunday to protest against any attempt by the government to amend the blasphemy law. The leaders of these parties demanded the prime minister announce in the National Assembly that the government will not make any changes in the controversial law.
They also announced that a public meeting would be held in Lahore on January 30. Thousands of activists of religious organisations gathered at Purani Numaish Chowrangi and

Aman Ittehad takes out peace rally

ISLAMABAD - People from various walks of life participated in Aman Ittehad's peace rally and marched from the National Press Club to the Parliament House to express solidarity with those suffering from violence and repression.
The participants of the rally demanded that the government must take strict action against state and non-state actors that break the law and propagate or encourage militancy and extremism by their words or actions.
Addressing the participants, Ali

Peace activists rally against terrorism

PESHAWAR - The peace activists from different walks of life staged peace rallies on Saturday in Peshawar and Mingawara Swat to denounce the trends of militancy and terrorism.
The peace rally was jointly organised by Aman Tehrik and Aman Ittehad in Peshawar whereas in Mingawara, the rally was held under the auspices of Global Peace and College of Youth Activitism. Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain attended the rally in Peshawar and expressed solidarity

Hamas marks 23rd anniversary with Gaza rally

GAZA CITY: Members of Hamas fanned out across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, draping the Islamist movement's flag across buildings ahead of a mass rally to celebrate their 23rd anniversary.
Tens of thousands of Palestinians were expected at the celebration being held in Gaza City's Kateeba Square, where an enormous replica of Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock mosque, with its famous golden dome, was being erected.
Large pictures of Hamas leaders, including the group's assassinated

Rally held against amendments to blasphemy laws

LAHORE: The Pasban-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwat organised a protest against proposed amendments in blasphemous laws and publication of blasphemous caricatures in western newspapers in front of the Lahore Press Club on Sunday. The protesters chanted slogans against the government for remaining silent over such a vital issue.
They said that it was a joint venture of the Jews and Qadyanis to make the constitution ineffective on blasphemous issues. The protesters warned that they would not

JI stages rally against land mafia

WAZIRABAD: Jamat-e-Islami Wazirabad took out a protesting rally consisting of thousands of people who voiced against the illegal occupation of 24 canal land situated at Daska Road Wazirabad.
The rally was lead by town Amir Khalid, Anwer, Rawal, Abdul-Wahed Alvi & others. The participates of the rally marched from Islamic centre. The participants of the rally raised slogans against patwari of the area and Wazirabad tehsildar.
They demanded the transfer of the said persons

SIC rally arrives in Lahore

LAHORE: The "Save Pakistan Long March" organised by the Sunni-Ittehad Council (SIC) arrived in Lahore on Sunday night after steering clear of all hurdles.
With close to 2,000 vehicles and thousands of people, the SIC procession entered the city peacefully. The SIC was received with immense enthusiasm by local religious parties and various reception camps where seen along the roads to welcome the participants of the long march. SIC spokesman Ziaul Haq said more than 7,000 workers

Religious group organises rally against shrine blasts

LAHORE: The Tahafuz-e-Namoos-e-Risalat Mahaz organised a rally on Monday at the Mall Road against terrorist blasts at various religious shrines and staged a sit-in outside the CM's House.
The rally started from the Data Darbar and was attended by around 200 to 300 people mostly belonging to various religious seminaries, a number which was confirmed by an intelligence official. The participants chanted slogans against the US, UK, Jews and other Western countries.

Four injured in Haqiqi rally firing

At least four people were injured when some unidentified men opened fire at a rally organised by Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi (Afaq Group) near Quaidabad on Tuesday.
The injured, identified as Mohammad Ibraheem, Rehan, Izzatullah and Qamar were shifted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. The duty officer at the Quaidabad police station said that the unidentified men attacked the rally and escaped. The police did not register a case till the filing of this