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Nisar says vandals, not protesters taken into custody

“If they are not their people, why are they making all this hue and cry then? It is possible that a wrong person got arrested but we have photographs of the attackers. I assure that each attacker will be identified with the help of images and I want to engage PTI and PAT in this activity too. I invite both the parties to present their record. No wrong person will be touched,” Nisar said.

Khan, Qadri sit-ins have caused Rs 547b losses so far, govt tells SC

The government also contended that both parties violated their No Objection Certificate (NOC) by entering the Red Zone, making their protests illegal and unlawful. Further, a total of 13 FIRs have been registered so far by the government against individuals who have created threatened the law and order situation in the country, the reply said.