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‘I am not tough’: Putin tells supermodel

‘I am not tough’: Putin tells supermodel

MOSCOW – Strongman leader Vladimir Putin has sat down for an interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell, telling her Russia had tougher guys than him and praising Moscow students who undressed for his birthday for their courage.
Putin, known for his adrenaline-fuelled antics, told the British supermodel of experiences including swimming butterfly in a cold Siberian river and coming face to face with a tiger but added Russia had braver men than him. “I’m not the tough guy,” the

Putin rescues Russian F1 ace Petrov

MOSCOW – Vitaly Petrov, Russia’s first and only Formula One driver, is to receive funding from state-run high-tech company Rostekhnologii following a deal brokered by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, local media reported on Tuesday.
Petrov, his manager Oksana Kosachenko, Rostekhnologii chief Sergei Chemezov, and Leonid Mikhelson, head of private gas firm Novatek, hammered out the details of the new sponsorship deal during a meeting with Putin. “The number of automobile sport

Activists call on Putin to trade places with Khodorkovsky

MOSCOW – Youth activists in Russia’s Urals said powerful Prime Minister Vladimir Putin should trade places with Mikhail Khodorkovsky as a court found the jailed tycoon guilty in his second fraud trial.
Activists from youth movement Oborona said they had painted dozens of stencils depicting the faces of Putin and Khodorkovsky on Sunday night around the city of Yekaterinburg in the Urals to call attention to the trial seen as a watershed in Russia’s post-Soviet history.

Putin calls for police action to curb extremism

MOSCOW: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday tough police action was imperative to stem extremism, saying that “liberal” criticism of the government threatened stability.
“It’s necessary to harshly suppress displays of extremism from all quarters,” Putin said in an annual question-and-answer session following outbreaks of nationalist violence in Moscow. Police have established a major presence in the capital, seeking to avert a repeat of last week’s riots. More