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PSO announces cash dividend of Rs 6 per share

Pursuant to the notification from the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources (MPNR), dated February 12, 2015, whereby Pakistan State Oil (PSO) was informed by the MPNR that the federal government, in exercise of the powers under Section 7 of the Marketing of Petroleum Products (Federal Control) Act, 1974 “the Act” has dissolved/de-notified the BOM with immediate effect.

PSO claims overcoming fuel shortage in Punjab

The nation’s leading oil marketing company Pakistan State Oil (PSO) on Tuesday claimed that it has successfully managed to overcome the fuel shortages occurring in some parts of Punjab. In order to

Short on petrol too!

With Pakistan State Oil (PSO) whining for money and the government struggling with setting the ever-stagnant circular debt in motion, the countrymen’s quantum of agitation is rising with each passing day as they line up at arid petrol stations across the country with their dried up vehicles in search for their daily dose of ‘liquid gold’.

Acute fuel shortage brings citizens on knees

PSO spokesman says ‘temporary’ shortage will be overcome in ‘couple of days’ After the frequent shortage of gas and water, citizens have been further irked by a drastic shortage of petrol to