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NATO kills Afghan policeman who shot Americans

NATO kills Afghan policeman who shot Americans

KABUL – NATO troops hunted down an Afghan policeman who shot dead two American soldiers this week, killing him with the help of intelligence tip-offs, the military said Thursday.
Wearing a border police uniform, the man shot the soldiers inside a police compound on Monday while US military advisers were holding talks with a local colonel. The colonel later identified them as American.

Afghan policeman kills two foreign soldiers

MAZAR-I-SHARIF – An Afghan border policeman shot dead two foreign soldiers on a training mission in north Afghanistan on Monday, a senior official said, the latest in a series of apparent “rogue” attacks by Afghan security forces on their mentors.
Abdul Sattar Bariz, deputy governor of northern Faryab province, said two American soldiers were killed at a checkpoint by a member of the Afghan Border Police.
“He killed the two trainers while they were teaching them, in Faryab

Policeman among 4 killed in Quetta

QUETTA – A policeman was among four people killed and seventeen injured in a rocket attack in Quetta on Wednesday. Three rockets were fired from the western side of the provincial capital, all of which landed in a populated area.
One of the rockets, believed to have been fired by Baloch militants landed at Sariab Patak, close to the personal residence of Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani. The first attack killed four people, including Traffic Sergeant Safdar Hussain.

Policeman injures boy for refusing friendship

MIRPURKHAS – A police constable on Saturday injured a boy near Government Shah Abdul Lateef Science College when he refused his offer to be friends with him.
Constable Saeed Qureshi wanted to be friends with Ali Khan Qureshi, a resident of Adam Town, but on the boy’s refusal, he shot him with his pistol. The injured boy was rushed to hospital.
Town police arrested Saeed and seized the pistol from his possession.