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PAL pays tribute to Punjabi poet Maulvi Ghulam Rasool

ISLAMABAD - Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri is one of the major poets of Punjabi language as his poetry covers a variety of subjects related to religion, Sufism and spiritual love. Muhammad Mansha Yad said this while presiding over a seminar on prominent Punjabi Poet Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Alampuri that was arranged by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL).
Muhammad Mansha Yad said that Maulvi Ghulam Rasool was a poet of all seasons as his poetry was a source of humanity's elevation.

Faiz Aman Mela – A people’s poet for a private audience

LAHORE - The Faiz Aman Mela, a part of Faiz Centennial celebrations began on Sunday afternoon and attracted a huge audience at Lawrence Gardens, however many left the premises disappointed.
The event was organized by Pakistan Television who barred all other private channels from covering the event. The free entry event attracted a large gathering of general public to the mela. The program started around two o clock, where artists recited poetry and sang songs, both light and semi

Faiz Ahmed Faiz a poet of masses

DASKA - The 27th birth-anniversary of legendary Urdu poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz was celebrated here on Sunday. Faiz was born on Febrery 13, 1911, in Qila Kader village in Sialkot. At an early age, he was sent to a mosque to learn religious studies from Maulvi Muhammad Ibrahim Mir.
After matriculation, he joined Murray College from where he passed his intermediate and graduation examinations. His prominent teachers were Professor Yousuf Saleem Chishti and Shams-ul-Ulema Syed Mir Hasan

First lady poet from Chitral hopes to change life of women

LAHORE - The first female poet of Chitral Rahima Naz, who stepped in the field of poetry despite living in a conservative society, is optimistic to bring revolution in the district eradicating all frustration from the lives of women.
Rahima Naz was born in the paradise-like but backward area of upper Chitral Khot village (Tehsil Torkoh). Her father Haji Khan served in Pakistan Air Force (PAF). She passed her matriculation examination from Federal Government Public Girls High

On a poet known for his love for humanity

LAHORE: International Islamic University Islamabad Rector Prof Fateh Muhammad Malik has called Noon Meem Rashid a pioneer of Urdu poetry who had broken the monopoly of traditional Urdu poets and brought recognition to the modern free poetic genre.
He was addressing at a seminar on the 100th birth anniversary of a renowned Urdu poet Noon Meem Rashid, organized by the Oriental College Urdu Department at Sheerani Hall on Tuesday, which was followed by launching ceremony of books by