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Philippines allows rice import – Pakistan looks to grab greater share

Philippines allows rice import – Pakistan looks to grab greater share

KARACHI – Philippines has allowed the private sector to import almost 163,000 metric tonnes (MT) of rice as unpredictable weather has forced world food authorities of tightening staples’ supplies. The Pakistani embassy in Manila has suggested Islamabad to approach the foreign country to tap the opportunity of getting more market share in the world’s top rice importing country.
Countries like Thailand, China, India and Australia would be exporting a large quantity of rice after

Philippines and Muslim rebels revive peace talks

KUALA LUMPUR – The Philippine government and the nation’s main Islamic separatist group agreed on Thursday to push ahead with a faltering peace process after meeting for the first time in two years. The government hailed the meeting as a success, saying it yielded agreements on substantive issues and that the two sides agreed to “fast track the peace process” with another round of talks scheduled for the next month.
The meeting in Kuala Lumpur also covered concerns over the

Pakistan, Philippines to boost cooperation

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan and Philippines have reiterated their commitment to further intensify cooperation in culture, tourism, trade, education, science and technology, civilian nuclear energy and promote people-to-people contacts.
The third Round of Policy Consultation Talks between the ministries of foreign affairs of Pakistan and the Philippines was held on Saturday in Islamabad. Assistant Secretary Asia and Pacific Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs Cristina G Ortega

Philippines overtakes India as call centre capital

MANILA: Philippines has emerged as the call centre capital of the world, overtaking India as the number one player in the global business outsourcing market, according to industry data and the government.
President Benigno Aquino has led celebrations in recent weeks as Philippines’s domination in the outsourced back-office operations industry has become increasingly evident.
“In the past decade, growth in this industry has been nothing short of exceptional. From a virtual

Bomb on crowded bus kills nine in Philippines

Nine people were killed on Thursday when a bomb exploded aboard a packed passenger bus in the troubled southern Philippines, authorities said.
The military and police said Muslim militants or bandits who are known to operate on the southern island of Mindanao could have been behind the attack, with extortion the likely motive.
“The bus company has long been receiving extortion letters from armed groups operating in the region,” regional military spokesman