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Pentagon chief: Iran, Qaeda will exploit Arab unrest

CAMP LIBERTY - US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said in Iraq Thursday that Iran and extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda would try to exploit the unrest sweeping the Arab world.
"Yemen has really eased up the pressure on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula," Gates said, referring to the militant group's affiliate in Yemen, which is witnessing a popular uprising against President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
"It's also a concern that the internal security services of many of these

Pakistan rejects reports of criticising Pentagon, Australia

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan on Monday dismissed as 'baseless' the comments attributed to the Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir that the Pentagon had financed Western media to destabilise the Arab countries. The Foreign Office spokesperson, in a statement, dubbed the comments 'wholly concocted' released to the newspapers and channels by a private wire service. The news agency had quoted the Foreign Secretary as telling the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign affairs on Saturday that the

US can’t seal Pak-Afghan border: Pentagon

WASHINGTON - Acknowledging that terrorist had a safe haven inside the Tribal Areas from where they operated and crossed over to Afghanistan, a top Pentagon official said on Wednesday that it would be a tough job to seal the Afghan-Pakistan border.
"As far as the border itself, I think it's naive to say that we can stop, you know, forces coming through the border," said Col Viet Luong Commander, Task Force Rakkasan and 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division. "In order to

Pentagon called Kayani prior to leaks

WASHINGTON: Of all the military leaders in the world, only one merited a personal phone call from the head of the US joint chiefs of staff prior to the extensive leak of diplomatic cables. That one person is none other than Pakistan's own General Ashfaq Kayani.
At the time the US secretary of state was frantically calling various world leaders especially Germany, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, France and Afghanistan and her staff contacted officials in Australia, Britain, Canada,

US doesn’t know where Osama is, says Pentagon

WASHINGTON: The United States has said it has no idea where top Al Qaeda commanders Osama Bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri are hiding, a day after a report claimed that the two fugitives were living in the northwest under ISI protection.
"I don't think we know where they are. If we knew where they were, I think we would have done something about it," Defence Deputy Secretary William Lynn said in an interview.
Lynn was responding to a CNN report which quoted an