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Iran accuses opposition chiefs of treason

TEHRAN - Iran on Thursday accused two opposition leaders of treason and vowed to block their ability to communicate with their supporters on the eve of a pro-regime "hatred" rally against them in Tehran. Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi are under de facto house arrest but have regularly issued defiant messages to their supporters through their websites, including one which led to anti-government protests on Monday that left two people dead and several wounded.
The protests

Hundreds march in Iranian opposition rally

TEHRAN - Hundreds of Iranians marched toward a Tehran square on Monday in a banned rally supporting popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, but their way was blocked by police and security forces, witnesses said. The march was a test of strength for the reformist opposition, which has not taken to the streets since Dec. 2009, when eight people were killed. But Iranian security forces are still unlikely to hesitate to use all means to stop any protest.
Opposition leaders

Iran isolates opposition leader as police deploy

TEHRAN - Iran Monday blocked access to opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi's house to prevent him attending a rally in support of Arab revolts and also deployed anti-riot police in parts of Tehran, reports said.
Witnesses said anti-riot police on motorbikes armed with riot shotguns, tear gas, batons, paintball guns and fire extinguishers were deployed in parts of the capital to prevent gatherings which could turn into anti-government demonstrations. Police blocked access to the

Opposition wary of Zardari’s agenda

ISLAMABAD - The opposition parties are overwhelmingly convinced that the roundtable conference proposed by President Asif Ali Zardari is an attempt to get their approval on a possible unpopular decision vis-a-vis Raymond Davis to avoid the argument that the government was isolated on the issue against the entire nation.
"There is a dominant impression in our party that the government would release Davis immediately after the roundtable conference by giving a justification to the

‘Q’ denies it applied for new opposition leader in PA

LAHORE - The opposition MPAs in Punjab Assembly asked the Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal to take notice of fake signatures on an application moved by the PML-Q forward bloc members claiming separate status.
The opposition members under the leadership of Chaudhary Zaheer, who is leader of the opposition in Punjab Assembly, visited the speaker office and apprised him of the issue relating to fake signatures.

‘Day of rage’ to go ahead in Yemen: opposition

SANAA - Opposition leaders in Yemen on Wednesday vowed to go ahead with anti-government protests on Thursday - billed as a "day of rage" - despite a pledge by President Ali Abdullah Saleh not to extend his rule.
"Thursday's demonstration will continue as scheduled," said Mohammed Kahtan, a member of the Islamist Al-Islah (Reform) party in the Yemeni consultative council.
Mohammed al-Sabri, a leader in the Common Forum, a parliamentary opposition alliance, added, "We will

‘Solidarity with Belarus’ meet to bolster opposition aid

WARSAW - Thirty-six states were set Wednesday to bolster financial support for Belarussian opposition groups at a donors' conference spearheaded by Poland - the first initiative of its kind. The "Solidarity with Belarus" conference was called in response to a crackdown by Belarus's strongman President Alexander Lukashenko in the wake of his December 19 re-election which has been disputed by the opposition and the West.
"Belarussians deserve reasonable government by reasonable

EU urges Mubarak to immediately talk to opposition

BRUSSELS - EU chief diplomat Catherine Ashton urged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to immediately hold talks with the opposition Monday and respond to the aspirations of anti-government protesters.
"The legitimate grievances of the Egyptian people should be responded to. Their aspirations for a just, better future should be met with urgent, concrete and decisive answers, and with real steps," Ashton said.
"There needs to be a peaceful way forward," she told reporters.

Opposition rejects higher POL prices

ISLAMABAD - The political parties in the opposition on Thursday refused to allow the government's planned increase of 13 percent in petroleum prices from February 1 and recommended that the burgeoning fiscal deficit be curtailed with better financial management.
According to a source, the Ministry of Petroleum had informed the committee that they were compelled to increase the petrol price by 13 percent to Rs 9.43 per litre and diesel price by 12 percent to Rs 9.20 per litre from

Egypt opposition calls for second day of protests

CAIRO - Egyptian activists called for a second day of street action on Wednesday as authorities vowed to prevent further protests following huge anti-government rallies in which four people died. The pro-democracy youth group April 6 Movement, the driving force behind Tuesday's protests - the largest and most significant in Egypt since bread riots in 1977 - urged people to head back to Cairo's main square Wednesday.
"Everyone needs to head down to Tahrir Square to take over the

Economic reform – Foreign diplomats persuading opposition to relent

ISLAMABAD - Concerned about Pakistan's economic situation and perturbed by the political resistance to reforms per the commitment with international donors, foreign diplomats, particularly Americans and Britons, have stepped up their efforts to persuade opposition parties not to fight reformed general sales tax (RGST).
US Ambassador Cameron Munter on Monday called on PML-Q leaders Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and discussed at length the economic issues and

Make sure parliament is on top, opposition tells government

ISLAMABAD - Expressing reservations over the way the country was being governed and parliament being run, the opposition on Monday asked the government to ensure the supremacy of parliament so that other institutions could stay out of the driving seat.
The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and PML-Q unanimously demanded the government to make parliament meaningful. Faisal Saleh Hayat said Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh in his recent statement had levelled charges of bribery on

Pre-budget debate opens – Opposition raps treasury for mismanagement

LAHORE - The government should not make false promises and fool the people through employing a jugglery of words, Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Chaudhary Zaheer stated categorically while opening the pre-Budget General Discussion in the Punjab Assembly.
A discussion opened in the Punjab Assembly yesterday (Monday) calling house members to submit proposals for the fiscal budget 2011-12. The discussion is expected to continue for 4 consecutive days. Chaudhary Zaheer continuing

Opposition blasts Punjab government for high prices

LAHORE - The Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q), the main opposition party in the Punjab Assembly (PA), criticised the Punjab government for increasing inflation in the province saying that it has become a fashion to blame former regimes for justifying poor governance and mismanagement. Opposition members of the provincial assembly (MPA) asked the treasury benches what they had done for the masses since the last years except for blaming the previous government for all "ills" adding

MQM applies for opposition benches in NA, Senate

ISLAMABAD - The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Monday submitted separate applications in the National Assembly and Senate secretariats for allocation of seats in the opposition benches after it quit the federal government.
MQM Deputy Parliamentary Leader Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi submitted the application to the NA Speaker while Senator Col

Opposition, govt allies reject hike in petrol prices

ISLAMABAD - Opposition parties and two allies of the PPP are flexing their muscles to take the government head-on for an unprecedented hike in the POL prices, vowing on Saturday to vociferously protest against the increase in and outside parliament.
Talking to Pakistan Today, representatives of the PML-N, PML-Q, MQM, ANP, JI, JUI-F and PPP-Sherpao said it was unfortunate that the already hard-pressed people of Pakistan had been forced to pay for the government's corruption and

Kuwait opposition grills PM in secret session

KUWAIT CITY - Kuwaiti opposition lawmakers on Tuesday began quizzing the oil-rich emirate's prime minister behind closed doors over allegations of breaching the constitution and suppressing freedoms.
"I am ready to be questioned and I want the debate now," Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad al-Ahmad al-Sabah, a senior member of the ruling family, told parliament speaker Jassem al-Khorafi as the session opened.
But the government promptly demanded the questioning be held