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Netanyahu tells Obama Israel is ‘master’ of own fate

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US President Barack Obama on Monday that Israel must remain the “master of its fate” in a firm defence...

UN bid doomed to fail: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that next week’s bid by the Palestinians for UN membership had no chance of success and...

Netanyahu in US, says Obama misunderstands

Israel said the United States “does not understand reality” as its leader arrived in Washington on Friday after President Barack Obama endorsed a longstanding...

Netanyahu defends settlement after US criticism

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying Jews have a right to live anywhere in Jerusalem, defended on Monday a settlement project that drew criticism from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Israeli bulldozers cleared the way for 20 new homes for Jews in East Jerusalem, an area captured by Israel in a 1967 war and which Palestinian want as the capital of a future state, by demolishing a derelict hotel on Sunday. Clinton, in Abu Dhabi on a tour of US Gulf

Netanyahu makes condolence call to Abbas

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telephoned Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Tuesday to express condolences on the death of his older brother, the Israeli premier's office said.
"I join you in your deep pain at the loss of your brother," Netanyahu was quoted as saying. Netanyahu and Abbas have not met face-to-face since September, shortly before direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks broke down, just three weeks after they were launched.
The Israeli leader

Israel never said no to new freeze: Netanyahu

JERUSALEM - Israel never refused to renew a freeze on settlement in the occupied West Bank but the US stopped pressuring for a new moratorium, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.
Israeli radio and news sites quoted him as telling parliament's Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee that Washington did initially ask Israel to extend a 10-month building freeze which expired in September. "The truth is that we were prepared to do this but contrary to what was reported

Netanyahu to fly to US for peace talks

JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he will fly to the United States next weekend for talks on Middle East peace efforts and to speak of the need to combat international terrorism.
"Next Sunday, I shall leave for the annual assembly of Jewish communities in the United States," Netanyahu told reporters at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting, referring to a congress to be held in New Orleans on November 7-9.
"I shall meet there with Vice

Palestinian appeal to world ‘unrealistic’, says Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday urged the Palestinians not to abandon stalled peace talks in favour of an "unrealistic" appeal to the international community.
"We expect the Palestinians to honour their commitment to hold direct negotiations," Netanyahu said at the start of a weekly cabinet meeting. "I think that any attempt to bypass them by appealing to international bodies is unrealistic and will not give any impetus to a genuine diplomatic

Israeli minister warns Netanyahu of peace talk failure

PARIS: Israel's Labour Party would walk out of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government if peace talks with the Palestinians do not resume by the end of the year, a senior party figure said.
"We will force the Labour Party to move out," Minorities Affairs Minister Avishay Braverman, who intends to challenge Defence Minister Ehud Barak for Labour's leadership, told Reuters.
"I will do everything I can," he said in an interview at a left-wing think tank in Paris. "I