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60-year-old dies at Services Hospital due to alleged negligence

60-year-old dies at Services Hospital due to alleged negligence

LAHORE – A 60-year-old man died at Services Hospital due to alleged negligence of doctors here on Saturday. The deceased was identified as Manzoor, a resident of Nawankot. The victim’s family told the police that Manzoor was ill for past few days and was admitted in Services hospital on Friday night where the doctors did not treat him timely. Resultantly, he died in the emergency ward.
The victim’s family members staged protest against the doctors in front of the hospital. Later,

PPP ministers slam PML-N for negligence

LAHORE: Punjab ministers Raja Riaz and Ashraf Sohna from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) said on Monday during the 21st session of the Punjab Assembly that the Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has always created hurdles in serving the masses.
It was a routine start of proceeding but just before the question hour session PPP legislator Hassan Murtaza drew the attention of the house over the issue of the exploitation of sugarcane growers by the sugar mill owners. e said that the mill

Medical negligence – ‘Cold Chain’ for vaccines not being maintained by pharmaceutical companies

LAHORE: A majority of distributors of national and multinational pharmaceutical companies are supplying medicines to retailers without maintaining the requisite “Cold Chain”, affecting the efficacy of vaccines, Pakistan Today has learnt.
Medical experts said that maintaining the Cold Chain means that a vaccine manufactured at 2 degree Celsius should be stored in the same temperature until it reaches the patient for proper efficacy of vaccines. They said certain medicines need to

Mayo Hospital Superintendent denies doctor’s negligence

Mayo Hospital Medical Superintendent (MS) Dr Zahid Pervaiz has claimed that the doctors of Mayo Hospital were not negligent whilst treating a patient, who died on October, 11.
He said that the patient, Shehzad, was being treated by an unqualified doctor before he was brought to the hospital on Friday October 8. The unqualified doctor had prescribed the wrong treatment, which led to the spread of infection in the patient’s body.
The patient was admitted in the