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Walnuts help protect against prostate cancer

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, natural, whole foods are packed with synergistic nutrients that work together in unity to provide a plethora of health benefits without causing negative side effects – and walnuts are


A lot of hue and cry has been raised by the industrial sector in Punjab about the discrimination in gas supplies to the province. These industrialists have accused the federal government and

Turning back to ‘old natural ways’

In the light of recommendations and suggestions, the natural paths of rainwater will be used to drain water from the rain-hit districts of Sindh into the sea, Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah

Seismic centres set up to counter natural calamities

BEIJING – Pakistan with the Chinese assistance has undertaken an ambitious programme to lay a network of seismic centres in the country to take preventive measures against geophysical hazards, said a senior official of the Pakistan Met Office Monday.
“Eight out of ten planned seismic centres have already been completed and started trial functions” said Dr Ghulam Rasool, Head of Research and Development in an interview with APP Sunday, adding that the work on the remaining two

Meter parking system dies a natural death

LAHORE – As Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif loses interest, the City District Government Lahore (CDGL) has suspended the meter parking system at four places, which was designed to resolve parking problems and overcharging issues, Pakistan Today has learnt.
After the successful installation of the meter parking system at the Liberty Market and from the Shahdin Manzil to Mazjid-e-Shuhda, a plan was on the cards to install the system at Anarkali Bazaar, Panorama Centre, Lahore

World’s costliest natural disaster

TOKYO – After a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated northeast Japan and crippled a nuclear power station, the risk of uncontrolled radiation is very high.
Many shops in Tokyo have run out of bottled water after radiation from a damaged nuclear plant makes tap water unsafe for babies.
Chiba prefecture, adjacent to the capital, has detected radioactive substances in its water purification system in amounts above what is considered safe for infants.
Singapore and

Extreme supermoon – Pundit predicts natural disasters in 7 days

KARACHI – Followed by the extreme supermoon event on Saturday, a Hindu pundit and expert on celestial bodies has foreseen natural disasters throughout the world in the next seven days. Besides that, the pundit also predicted massive changes in Pakistan in the next few months.
Maharaj Premchand Giyanchandani said that the extreme supermoon was observed on Saturday – the day of Shani, the deity of death – and as per Hindu astrology, this would cause a lot of destruction around the