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Ibrar Mumtaz wins Punjab Club elections

Ibrar Mumtaz wins Punjab Club elections

Lahore – Members of the Punjab Club elected members to the committee of management through voting which continued for three days, concluding on Friday.
According to details, a total of 13 candidates were in the race for eight seats of members to the committee of management. There are 300 members eligible to cast their votes in the Punjab Club. The voting continued for three days, with one hour every day.
According to final results, Ibrar Mumtaz bagged maximum number of votes

Mumtaz Ahmad appointed IIUI president

ISLAMABAD: Vice President (Academics) International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Dr Mumtaz Ahmad has been appointed the president of the university, said a press statement issued on Thursday.
Mumtaz was associated with the International Relations department of the Hampton University, USA for a long time and is one leading professors of politics, literature and islamic studies, it added.
The notification of Ahmad’s appointment was issued by Rector IIUI Professor

PPP leadership shedding crocodile tears: Mumtaz

KARACHI – Sindh National Front (SNF) chief Mumtaz Bhutto went on an all-out attack against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership on Monday again, questioning their right to, in his words, “shed crocodile tears” over former PPP chairperson Benazir Bhutto’s grave during her death anniversary.
“These people took over power and have enjoyed themselves after her death, but even after the passage of three years, no action has been taken against Benazir Bhutto’s murderers,” he