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Rabia Ahmed

The dimwits

How come ‘Butt’ was never banned? They wanted to ban Jesus Christ? Really? How come they think of banning ‘Jesus Christ,’ and not ‘Moses’ and ‘Mohammad’? I take exception to such partisanship.

‘Mullah Omar is not dead’

The Taliban said on Wednesday their reclusive one-eyed leader Mullah Omar was alive and accused the United States of hacking their mobile phones to claim that he was dead. AFP reported that

Pakistan denies Mullah Omar was treated in Karachi

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan on Thursday rejected the media reports suggesting that the Taliban chief Mullah Muhammad Omar was treated in a Karachi hospital after he had suffered a heart attack.
An ISPR spokesman, in a statement, strongly contradicted the news item appeared in local and international media about the medical treatment of Afghan Taliban Mullah Omar at Karachi. He said that news was ‘unfounded and concocted’ to serve vested interests’.
Foreign Office Abdul Basit also