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Monsoon flying away slowly

Five millimeters rain in the city dropped the mercury and the maximum temperature was 32 degrees Celsius on Monday. The Met Office informed that isolated rain with thundershower was expected in Upper

As the monsoon bows out…

Mid-day rain on Wednesday turned the weather pleasant in the city. Rain also hit Upper Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to the Met Office, 13 millimetres rain was recorded in Lahore, 61

Monsoon to fly away soon

Experts have forecasted the weakening of monsoon season in the days to come, on Wednesday. The monsoon spell in Sindh is expected to last for three to four days and the monsoon

Monsoon wreaks havoc

Six people including two women and two children of a family were killed and eight others injured when the roof of their house collapsed while they were asleep on early Friday morning.