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President pushes for modern farming

ISLAMABAD - President Asif Ali Zardari has called for the adoption of modern farming techniques, saying that small farmers should be assisted in all possible manners to adopt the new technologies. During a briefing on food and agriculture held at President House, he stressed upon the need for agricultural scientists to boost research efforts in the production of high yielding, disease resistant and water conserving seeds of major crop groups, keeping in mind the soaring population,

Developing poultry on modern lines imperative to growth

ISLAMABAD - Despite high prices of beef and mutton, it's consumption has sustained a rising trend due to consumers' inclination. In order to decrease pressure on beef and mutton, output of white meat, particularly poultry, seems easier both time-wise and cost-wise.
The poultry industry in the country has, during the past two decades, made rapid strides transforming its rural unorganised stakes into a modern industry. However, it is still characterised as a 'wet' agri-business.

‘Mad Men,’ ‘Modern Family’ pick up WGA Awards

NEW YORK - Mad Men and Modern Family were big winners at the Writers Guild of America Awards tonight - the two series picked up trophies for Drama and Comedy Series categories, respectively. Mad Men also picked up an award for its "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" episode. (No doubt this acclaim only reminds Mad Men fans how relieved we are that a season 5 will air soon.) 30 Rock won in the TV Episodic Comedy category with "When It Rains, It Pours."
HBO's Boardwalk Empire can

LWMC introduces Modern Sanitation Plan

LAHORE - The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has unveiled Modern Sanitation Plan for commercial markets and has launched as a pilot project in Barkat Market and Garden Town.
The plan, according to LWMC Managing Director Waseem Ajmal, will improve the cleanliness and local environment by providing effective waste collection system. An official from the DCO office told Pakistan Today that LWMC, subsidiary of City District Government Lahore (CDGL), had launched the sanitation

CIN MD stresses need for modern education abroad

LAHORE - There are a lot of opportunities for students in the US and Europe for education abroad, giving a great deal of exposure to them, said Career International Network (CIN), Managing Director and migration legal advisor Izhar Ahmed Khan while talking to Pakistan Today. He said Canada, UK and Australia have amended immigration rules with new rules helpful to skilled and professional individuals who should consider immigration a viable option for a better future.
CIN has been

Seminaries should impart modern education’

LAHORE - Religious seminaries' students can play an active role for establishment of a balanced society by acquiring modern education, Senior Advisor to the Punjab CM Zulfiqar Khosa said on Friday.
He was talking to Durban University Professor Dr Syed Salman Nadvi and others at the Jamia Ashrafia. Khosa said that introducing science and computer subjects in curriculum of religious seminaries had fulfilled demands of present times.
The Punjab CM's advisor said that the

China to finance modern cold storage facilities

FAISALABAD - The government, in coordination with a Chinese firm, has decided to launch the long-awaited Controlled Atmosphere Project (CAP) for the conservation of locally produced fruit and vegetables such as apple, banana, orange, strawberry, cherry, lemon, guava, mango, onion, potato, green peas and other items of grocery.
The CAP will double the life span of fruits and vegetables besides preventing the wastage of 34,000 tons of fruits and vegetables that are lost in transit

Gulliver’s Travels, a modern rehash of a classic adventure novel

Compared to emotionally intelligent 3D animated features such as Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon, live-action kids movies tend to degenerate into a study of how many blows a man's gonads can take before he is rendered infertile.
So imagine my surprise when Gulliver's Travels, a modern rehash of Jonathan Swift's classic adventure novel, turned out to be not only tolerable, but actually - *gasp* - enjoyable. Sure, it's cheesy, predictable and features a shirtless Jack

Depp laments ‘voyeuristic’ modern times

PARIS: US megastar Johnny Depp says he has mostly learned to tame the media "beast" which constantly stalks him -- but makes no bones about what he would do if the paparazzi overstepped the mark.
And while acknowledging the demands of global fame, the 47-year-old former "enfant terrible" also lamented the "voyeuristic sensationalism" of modern media culture. "I've had various relations with paparazzi over the years. Basically, I understand the beast," the "Pirates of the