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Market mechanism

It’s interesting that very few apologists for the previous regime repeat the mantra of some years ago, that bullish sentiment in the KSE – at the time the best performing Asian market

SAP develops mechanism to monitor sale

Seed Association of Pakistan (SAP) has developed a mechanism to monitor uncertified, fake and misbranded seed selling in the market. Under the newly developed mechanism, SAP has constituted a core group of

Waheed Hussain

The peace in the region

Let us talk again. Talking can not only break the status quo but also ensure a change, mostly good and positive. However, declining such an opportunity coupled with doubts and blame game

Supply mechanism goes out of whack

LAHORE – Vegetable prices fell for the second consecutive week at various Sunday Bazaars in the city.
Customers complained about a lack of products at the bazaar. People were seen searching for vegetables but had to suffer due to an artificial shortage created by the price mechanism. Housewife Amna Tariq said that overcharging and a lack of fruits and vegetables has become a hallmark of Sunday Bazaars.
Vendors said that the administration fixed the prices without a proper

ICCI urges equitable tax mechanism

ISLAMABAD – The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Saturday stressed the need for implementing a free and fair taxation policy to raise revenues by broadening and simplifying the tax base. “Unfortunately taxation has not been given due attention in Pakistan and has became an ineffective tool with regards to socioeconomic policies,” ICCI President Mehfooz Elahi said while addressing members of the business community. He was of the view that many people avoid filing tax returns

Education only mechanism of eradicating terrorism: Naek

KARACHI – Education is the only mechanism of eradicating terrorism and ensuring that peace prevails, said Senate Chairman Farooq H Naek on Monday at the book launch of “Hassanally Effendi: The founder of Sindh Madressahtul Islam” held at a local hotel.
The book on Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi has been written by Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh, principal of the Sindh Madressahtul Islam (SMI) College, as a tribute not only to the founder of an educational institution but also a man