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Sale of substandard meat on full swing in Rawalpindi

Substandard meat is being sold in Rawalpindi Cantt areas and the administration is taking no action against the butchers. Talking to this news agency...

Shortage of meat, milk and dairy products expected across Sindh

The government’s slow response regarding rescue, relief and treatment to the 4.7 million livestock in lower Sindh affected by this year’s monsoon could cause...

Man arrested for selling dead meat

A man was arrested on Tuesday for selling meat of dead animals in Cantonment area, while two of his accomplices were successful in fleeing...

Vegetable, meat prices drop

With the end of Ramadan, the prices of vegetables, fruits and chicken decreased by 10 percent to 20 percent at the Sunday bazaars in...

Eating red meat may be good for you

Previous studies have linked red meat to an increased risk of having a heart attack or cancer, but a new report has demolished the...

The deceiving butchers and bad meat

The sale of unhygienic meat has considerably increased in the city as butchers slaughter sick animals and then inject their meat with water using...

Meat prices go up

Meat prices have increased in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and butchers fear that it will further go up in Ramazan. Butchers...

The sacrificial meat business

Drive through Lahore Canal Road, walk in Linear Park alias Nawaz Sharif Park or cross the Ravi Bridge, you’ll find cycle walas selling packets...

PAMC and LMC merged as Punjab Agriculture and Meat Company

The Punjab government has notified the merger of Punjab Agriculture Marketing Company (PAMC) and Lahore Meat Company (LMC) under the name of Punjab Agriculture...

Animal smuggling causing meat price hike: UVAS VET

and illegal export of animals to neighbouring counties are main causes of shortage of meat and its price hike in the country, University...

Pamela pleads to China on seal meat

Former 'Baywatch' star and animal activist Pamela Anderson has called on China to join other countries in banning imports of seal meat and oil from her native Canada, calling seal-hunting inhumane. Anderson sent a letter to China's minister of land and resources, Xu Shaoshi, inviting him to accompany her to Canada to witness the "cruelty of the annual seal slaughter". "Please don't allow China to become a dumping ground for seal meat and oil products that even Canadians don't want,"

Meat export surges 15 percent

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has exported 153,543 animals in the current fiscal year, thus increasing meat export by 15 percent, Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah said on Friday.
Replying to a question raised by PML-N's Shireen Arshad Khan in the National Assembly, he said that exported animals included 48,680 cattle, 50,000 buffalos, 54,716 goats and 147 camels.
In order to facilitate and encourage livestock export, the government decided that no permit was

Pakistan initiates meat export to Iran

KARACHI - Pakistan, for the first time, has started export of frozen meat, carrying an international market of $400 million to $500 million, to Iran. Products of the country have successfully created a market in the neighbouring country, sources told Pakistan Today on Tuesday. A Lahore based company, they said, has recently started exporting frozen meat to Tehran.
This was another progress of the Halal food sector of the country after it entered few markets of gulf countries,

Sale of unhygienic meat on the rise in Daska

DASKA - Butchers are selling unhygienic meat in almost all the congested areas of Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur while people are suffering from several fatal diseases, especially blood pressure and hepatitis. People in the area said that most of the butchers slaughtered unhealthy animals and sold wet mutton and beef to increase the weight of the meat.
Medical experts said the unabated sale and use of the wet meat was spreading hepatitis and other fatal diseases among the people. The

Sale of substandard meat on the rise

PAKPATTAN - The sale of substandard meat is on the rise in the city. Reportedly, unhealthy and unhygienic meat is being sold in the city and the authorities concerned have allowed the butchers to practice this crime. The shopkeepers are selling water-mixed meat at higher prices.
DACOIT ARRESTED: One dacoit was arrested during a robbery bid.
Reportedly, Aamir Ahmed Khan, with his mother, was going on Kharkhana Road when three armed dacoits snatched the purse of his mother

Malaysia, NZ sign halal meat deal

WELLINGTON - In what is a blow to Pakistani aspirations to break into the global halal industry, New Zealand's meat exports are set to rise after Malaysia this week agreed to a halal standards agreement, according to a statement.
New Zealand's meat trade with Malaysia has been restricted since 2005, when Malaysian auditors unlisted many New Zealand beef plants for export as they failed to fully comply with Malaysia's new halal standards. However, the new agreement, which sets out

Of Eid, meat and celebration

LAHORE: Like in other parts of the country, the faithful in the provincial capital observed all three days of Eidul Azha with religious zeal and fervor and around 3 million animals including goats, oxen and camels were sacrificed to observe in accordance with the religious ordainment.
The first day of Eid began with Eid prayers, for which special security arrangements were made at all mosques and Eidgah's. The Eid prayers were offered at over 1,000 Eidgah's, mosques,