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Higgins fluffs his Lines

Yorkshireman Peter Lines caused a shock by knocking out four-time world champion John Higgins on day one of the German Masters. Lines, from Leeds, is ranked 58th in the world but more

Rain damages LESCO lines

LAHORE – Saturday’s rain left a number of areas out of electricity until Sunday morning while the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) took a long time to repair the lines damaged because of the rain.
Electricity in a majority of areas was suspended late at night on Saturday. Power was resumed in some areas immediately after the rain but some localities had to wait for a long time. LESCO sources said that some electricity lines were damaged because of the rain, as trees fell on

KESC bags Most Incompetent Award, PTCL lines in second

KARACHI – Results of the citizens’ complaints poll are in: the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has bagged the Most Incompetent Award for its performance over three years, with 16,931 lodged with the Sindh Chief Minister’s (CM) Complaint Cell against the power utility.
The Pakistan Telecommunications Limited (PTCL) stood second, with 14,869 complaints lodged against the company. The results were compiled from 53,588 complaints, with the poll having started on April 25, 2008

On the fault lines of disaster

The Sindh and Balochistan coasts are considered to be at risk of possible tsunami hits in future due to the presence of Makran Subduction Zone (MSZ) along the Balochistan coast, which was hit by a deadly tsunami in 1945, completely washing away the human population of Pasni. Karachi lies about 150 kilometres east of the triple junction between the Arabian, Indian, and Asian plates. Recorded history reveals that residents of Karachi felt tremors of the 1945 earthquake in Makran

Exploring fine lines between subject matter, content

KARACHI – Sobia Ahmed, who pursued her studies at the National College of Arts in Lahore, is obsessed with the ambition to make a name for herself among miniature artists. She has blossomed into an artist whose work reflects her thoughts and emotions as she continues to explore the fine lines between the subject matter and the content in her works.
Her watercolours seem to grow out of deep metaphysical recesses while she relies on abstraction and form to compose a miniature work.

Exhibition – Conversing lines

LAHORE – When sometimes words fail to explain the thoughts wedged in your head, lines seem to do the job just fine. They converse candidly and develop a communication with the viewer, who not only just listens to what these lines have to say, but also talks back. And lines in return just seem to answer all the right questions, wrong questions and even the unasked; they appear to have seen and seem to have known it all.
Such a dialogue with a few lines was on display in the shape

Developing poultry on modern lines imperative to growth

ISLAMABAD – Despite high prices of beef and mutton, it’s consumption has sustained a rising trend due to consumers’ inclination. In order to decrease pressure on beef and mutton, output of white meat, particularly poultry, seems easier both time-wise and cost-wise.
The poultry industry in the country has, during the past two decades, made rapid strides transforming its rural unorganised stakes into a modern industry. However, it is still characterised as a ‘wet’ agri-business.

Mobile scanners worth Rs 500m rusting at Islamabad Police Lines

ISLAMABAD – The ineptness and lack of vision of the government is evident from the fact that Rs 500 million has gone down the drain as costly mobile scanners bought by the Interior Ministry have been rusting at Islamabad Police Lines for the last ten months.
A source in the ministry told Pakistan Today that due to Finance Ministry’s refusal to release funds for the fuel of mobile scanners imported from China a year ago for installation at capital’s entry points, the security