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After Saudis assail Trump move, US urges kingdom to show caution in regional disputes

After Saudis assail Trump move, US urges kingdom to show caution in regional disputes

PARIS: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged Saudi Arabia to take a more cautious approach to regional conflicts Friday amid growing concern over Riyadh’s involvement in Yemen, Qatar and Lebanon. “I

Kingdom not threatened, Pak in no hurry

Dispelling the notion that Pakistan has committed its troops to Saudi Arabia for fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Tuesday that there was no immediate threat to Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity and Pakistan is “not in a hurry” to decide on joining the Saudi-led coalition.

UK to refuse Assange safe passage

Britain has told Ecuador that it would refuse WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange safe passage out of the country even if Quito grants him asylum, official notes showed Thursday. “We must be absolutely

UK parliament probes Warsi’s expenses

A parliamentary watchdog launched a probe Wednesday into the expenses claims of Britain’s first female Muslim minister Sayeeda Warsi, the head of Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party. The standards commissioner of

Our Basmati kingdom under attack

Pakistan, being an agro based economy, is primarily known for its aromatic Basmati rice in the world but it may lose the position in Middle East as Philippine is all set to

Disney’s Magic Kingdom comes to the Middle Kingdom

SHANGHAI – Walt Disney Co broke ground on its long-awaited Shanghai Disneyland theme park on Friday, banking on its global brand and fairytale attractions to draw millions of visitors and boost its profits in the region.
Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dressed in traditional Chinese garb, took to the stage with Cinderella and Snow White to launch a Magic Kingdom-styled park tailored specifically to China.
Disney’s first theme park in mainland China and its third in Asia will cost

United Kingdom sees slower growth

LONDON – Britain cut its economic growth forecast, on Wednesday, and said inflation would remain above target this year and next in a budget that stuck to ambitious deficit-busting goals. Seeking to support a faltering economy, Finance Minister George Osborne said corporation tax would be cut by two percentage points to 26 percent from April, rather than by just the one point originally planned. A levy on banks would be increased to help pay for it. Osborne also announced a surprise